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Maximum No of ONSITE Visit Onsite Visit will be done by the reseller
Price of Software Rs. .3999.00 for single user and Rs. 4999 for multi user
Approx AMC As mentioned on the official website
Price for Additional Branches Rs. 3000 for single user and Rs. 4000 for multi user
Price for Additional Computers Rs. 2000.00 for unlimited sister computers
Initial Payment 100% of total amount
AMC of 1st Year Service will be given by reseller to the client
AMC from 2nd Year As mentioned on the official website
Cost for Additional ONSITE Visit Rs. 500 if it is given by Dreamz Support Team
Software Validity Life Time

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Why Smart Class

ERP Software for Coaching/Institute to manage Student records, Fees Collection, Transportation Mgt., Financial Accounting, Birthday Reminders & More. Smart Coaching/Institute Software does not save only your valuable time, but helps in growth and development of your Coaching/Institute

Forecasting reports

Smart Coaching/Institute Software Generates very valuable and forecasting reports like Fees Due List Demand Register Defaulters List Class Wise Fees Collection Summary Head Wise Summary Fees Card Fees Receipts Register and much more Which are not possible otherwise to generate manually

Fees Management

  • As we know, Fee Collection is the primary source of every Coaching/Institute for growth and to meet financial needs.
  • In a Coaching/Institute, there are number of students in different classes coming from various locations.
  • Fee has to be collected from students under different heads e.g. “Admission Fee”, “Tuition Fee”, “Development Fund” etc.
  • Transport Charges are charged as per location (Route).
  • Some Students are given relaxation in their fee (Concession).
  • In manual working, to maintain there fee records is very much complicated, prone to errors and time consuming process.


  • Maintain record of Admission, Fees Transactions and Route Wise Transport Charges
  • Very Easy To Implement.
  • Design Your own Fees Structure
  • Retain Privacy under high security user rights
  • No need to learn computers
  • Wish Birthday to Student as well as parents for better relationships
  • Increase your profitability and efficiency


Dreamz Smart Class Software Esp. for Institute Management to maintain Enquiries, Admission, Fees, Course Master, Installment Management, Attendance, Accounts, Day Book, Ledger, Cash Book, Payments, Receipts, Cheque Printing, Easy Banking, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit/Loss, Trading Account, Multi Company, Bank reconciliation, Interest Calculation, Simple Sale / Purchase Vouchers, SMS Facility and much more. Everything that is important to computerize any institute.


1) When we open the software, we will come across the main screen shown as below.

Click on ‘Create A New Company’ button.

3) Type all the details of the Company like Address, Contact, Registration, Licensing, Financial Year etc.

4) By default, the username and password is 1, we can change it if we wish.

5) After filling all the details, click on ‘Create Company’ button

oftware will give a message ‘Company created successfully’. Click Ok.

Login by typing the username and password


In every Institute, there are various courses for which students apply according to their own choices. We can add multiple courses along with their fees structure in the software. It is very simple to do. Let’s see how to create different courses.

1)Go to Masters Menu and click on Course Master.

2)Type Course Name, Course Fee and click on Save. Multiple courses are created.

3)There is a search option also at the bottom of above screen where we can search for course name and view its details.

4)We can modify and delete any course also. Type the Course Name in the search box which we want to modify or Delete. As soon as we type first few letters of Course Name, software shows us the desired Course details. Make any modifications if we want and click on Update to save changes being made or click Delete button to remove the selected Course.

Students come to the Institute for Course Enquiry and its fees structure. We fill up an Enquiry Form to record the student details. Let’s see how to create an Enquiry in the software.

1)Click on Enquiry option on the right side menu or Entries menu at the top of the main screen.

Select Dates and click OK. The list of Enquiries in the selected date range is shown.

here are few important options (buttons) on Enquiries window which are explained as below.

2)Click on New button to create new Enquiry.

3)Fill all the details of the students.

4)There is ‘+’ sign next to Course field. Click on ‘+’ sign and Course Master window opens up. We can add more courses if we wish or modify its details.

5)Add picture of the student also.

6)Click on Save button to save Enquiry details.

7)If we want to print the list of Enquiries, select the records and click on Print button

8)To view the Enquiry Form of students, select the student records and click on Enq. Form button. Enquiry Forms of the selected students are displayed.

9)Institute may wish to send reminders as SMS to students who enquired for the courses. Click on Reminders button for this purpose.

10)Select the dates and click OK.

11)To see the list in MS-Excel, click on Open in Excel button.

12)To send any information to students, click on SMS, type message and send.

13)By clicking on Export button in Enquiries window above, the selected records will be transferred to Excel sheet.

14)By clicking on Import button, Excel Data Import Utility opens up.

15)Click on Select button to select an Excel file, the data of which we want to import.

16)Type No. of Entries to be imported and click on Import Data button.

17)There are Search and Sort options also by which we can search any records among number of records and we can arrange the data alphabetically.

18)Enquiries window has two more important options to view all Pending or Successful Enquiries.


In manual system, keeping record of all the application forms of students is quite difficult. This software can make our life at ease so we will be able to store all the admission information in our computer which can be retrieved later on.

To create admission, click on Admission option on the right side menu OR Go to Entries menu at the top of the main screen.

List of Students window opens up with multiple options.

Let’s discuss about different options one by one below.

1)To see the List of Admission between a particular period, select dates and click OK.

2)Sometimes there is a possibility that the number of students may exceed than 22 and we want to display them pagewise,

an option display records on different pages as 1, 2, 3 shown as

3)Select to view the list of discontinued students.

4)Selectto select all the records.

Now, let’s see how to create new admission.

1)Click on New button.

)Type Entry Date. Admission No. will come automatically.

3)There is an option to get the data from the list of Enquiries. When we select this option, a small window appears from which we can choose the student who came for enquiry before and now getting admission.

Select the student’s record and press Enter key or click on Continue button. The details of the student chosen by us are displayed in the corresponding fields in the Admission screen.

If the student did not come earlier for Enquiry and is coming directly for Admission, we do not need to go to this option. We have to enter all the details in Admission window itself.

4)Type Roll No. of the student allotted by the institute.

5)Type Date of Admission.

a)In the above screen, type No. of Installments. Ist Installment Amt. and Rest EMI Amount is automatically calculated and displayed. We can change the values of the installment amount.

b)Start On Date is displayed automatically by the software. We can change the Date if we wish.

c)Frequency is after what interval student has to pay the installments i.e. Day wise or Month wise.

d)Calculate button calculates and displays all the Installments Amounts. Total Amount is also shown below.

e)Clear List button will clear the complete list of Installments in case we want to change Fee Structure.

7)Type the field ‘Documents Received’ if the student has submitted any documents while getting Admission.

Another options like Import, Export, Search and Sort are same as explained in Enquiries section.

e can view and take the print out of ID Card of the students.

We can view and take the print out of Admission Forms of the students using this button.


The main area of concern in every organization is its incomes and expenses.

Fees Collection is an important area of concern for every Institute. Need to keep record of fees collection manually. Focus Plus makes it very simple to manage fees installment collection.

1)Click on Quick Receipt option on the right side menu OR Entries menu at the top of the main screen.

2)Select Date, Payment Mode. Payment mode can be cash or cheque.

Add Payment mode by pressing F3. If the installment is received in cheque, press F3, create an Account as ‘Bank Name’. Select Bank Name as payment mode.

3)Receipt No. comes automatically.

4)Select Account Name i.e. the name of student from whom we are collecting installment.

5)If the receipt is done by cheque, software ask to enter Cheque details like Cheque No., Cheque Date, Bank Name on the cheque.Type all the details.

6)Type Total Amount the student is paying. Give Discount if you wish. Net Amount comes automatically.

8)As the entries are saved, the records will show on the screen along with the values of Total Amount, Total Discount Amount and Total Net Amount.

Institute has to incur various expenses like Staff Salary, Telephone Bill, Water and Electricity, Petrol, Tea, Office maintenance etc.

1)Click on Quick Payment option on the right side menu OR Entries menu at the top of the main screen.

2)Select Date, Payment mode.

3)Receipt No. is displayed automatically.

4)Select Account Name. We can add new Account by pressing F3.

5)Type Expense amount, Discount (if any). Net Amount displays automatically.

6)Type Remarks

7)We can add payment mode as Bank if the expenses are paid by cheque. Press F3 to add new account.

As soon as we select Account Name and press Enter, it will ask for Cheque information.

Fill all the cheque details like Cheque No, Cheque Date, Bank name.


Very simple to make bank entries like Cash Deposit into Bank, Cheque issued, Bank Expenses, Cash Withdrawal from Bank etc.

1)Click on Bank Entry option on the right side menu OR Entries menu at the top of the main screen.

2)Select Date, Bank. Press F3 to add new bank.

3)Select Entry, Party Name. Press F3 to add new party.

4)Type the value of amount and cheque details


Every Institute manages the record of student’s attendance. Focus Plus gives a very simple and user friendly Attendance Manager.

1)Click on New button to make Attendance Entry of the students opted for a particular course and particular batch.

2)Select Date, Course, Batch and click

3)All the students is displayed. By default, the attendance is marked as Present. Change the option if the student is absent or on leave.

4)Click to save attendance entry.


Institute is concerned with the due fees installment which is balance.

1)Select Date and click OK.


Get complete Fees Installments collection Report of all the students with no ambiguity.

1)Select Dates and click OK.


Sometimes, we want to view the complete Ledger of a particular student. Installments Ledger shows the fees Receipt.

1)Click on Installments Ledger option in Reports menu.

2)Select Name. Ref No displays automatically.

3)Type Due Date and click ok


This is very important Book which every Institute would like to see. Day Book shows all the date wise Receipts and Payment details either by cash or cheque.

1)Select Dates and click OK.

There are few Search options at the bottom of the above screen by which we can search the record by Account Name, Transaction Type, Narration or Amount.


Cash Book shows all the date wise Receipts and Payments by cash.

1)Select Account Name either Cash or Bank.

2)Type Dates and click ok

3)Cash Book shows Total Receipt, Payment and Balance.

4)Double click on the transaction to modify anything.


This Book shows the complete date wise entries for Receipts and Payments.

Select Dates, type Report Heading and select the options below which you want.


Click on Log Book on the right side or Go to Reports menu of the main screen.

Double click on transaction to modify anything.

There are various buttons on the above screen. The corresponding report will be shown based on the button being clicked.


Click on Group Ledger in Reports menu.

Select Account Name, Dates and click OK. Focus Plus shows Group Ledger of ‘Salary’ Account.


It shows clear picture of all the Receipts and Payments made by Cash/Cheque.

Select Account as Cash or Bank Name.

Select Date Range and click OK.

Select this option to see daily balance, receipts and payments. It shows the details of every single Date.


This register shows all the expenses incurred by the Institute.

Click on Quick Payment Register in Reports menu.

Select Dates and click OK.

There is a search option at the bottom of the above screen by which we can search record according to Amount, Discount etc.


This register shows all the incomes earned by the Institute.

Click on Quick Receipt Register in Reports menu.

Select Dates and click OK.

There are some search options at the top and bottom of the above screen to search record based on values being entered in the boxes.


This register shows all the bank transactions like Cheque issued/received or Deposit Cash/Cheque.

Click on Bank Entry Register in the Reports menu.

Select Dates and click OK.


It shows all the bank transactions along with their status like cash given to someone to deposit in bank. He has not deposited cash in the bank. Then status shows uncleared.

Click on Bank Reconciliation Statement in the Reports menu.

In an organization, we have various Fixed Assets like Capital Equipments, Plant & Machinery, Furniture & Fixtures, Computers, Cars etc. This chart shows all the asset’s actual value, depreciation rate, depreciation value and net value.

Web Based Online Multi Branch ERP Software For Institute Management

Keep Total Control on all your institute branches from your head office

1)Track all students.

2)Summarize all receipts

3)Keep a check on new enquiries for admission, track successful / pending enquiries

4)Watch attendance of students from one place

5) Birthday Manager

6)See Today's Reminders

7)List of Cheques Due today for presenting to Bank.

8) Monthly Comparisons of all branches

9) Manage Installment Register of all branches

10) Everyday Summary of admissions, collection, total business, attendance at each branch

11) Analyze Fees from every angle. i.e. Course Wise Fees, Reference Wise Fees etc.

Very Easy to integrate. Very Simple to Operate.

Works in Online as well as Offline Mode

Dashboard of FocusWeb

List of Students at all branches

List of all Pending / Successful Enquiries

See All Receipts at one place

Attendance Management

Installments Register

Everyday Summary at all branches

Monthly Summary at all branches

Analyze Fees from every angle. i.e. Course Wise Fees, Reference Wise Fees Collection

Integrate with Dreamz Smart Class Software in a Single Click

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Dreamz Smart Class Reseller Licence

Dreamz Smart Class Reseller Licence

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